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August/September 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends: I never realized just how special voyaging under sail was until Larry and I decided to take a serious tour of the US Western states. For the past two and a half months, we’ve spent most of our time living in the camper mounted on a pickup truck while we traveled through Nevada, … Continue reading »

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June 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends If ever you get a chance to work in a sail loft, grab it! Looking back over my entire checkered career, I can’t think of any job that paid greater dividends or provided more laughs than the winter I spent with Crusader Sails in Poole, England. Not only did I learn how new … Continue reading »

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April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends: Larry and I agreed. We’d know we were rich when we could afford to hire someone else to scrub and antifoul the bottom of Taleisin. and any of the other boats in our lives. Ahhh! the luxury of watching someone else getting wet and dirty from head to toe as they attacked the … Continue reading »

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February 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends Why would anyone willingly leave a New Zealand summer, complete with perfect sailing weather and long, long days to spend three weeks in the dark and freezing winter weather of Toronto and Chicago? As Larry and I listened to the dire weather reports; blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, thousands of cancelled flights, we too began … Continue reading »

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December 2013 Newsletter

Yesterday, I was reminded just how easy it is to forget the really important things when your eyes are glued to a computer screen. I’d spent most of the day answering emails and preparing for our upcoming trip to the January Toronto and Chicago Boat shows and making notes for ‘important things I should be … Continue reading »

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October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends Both us are suffering from a surfeit of nostalgia. A combination of history, editing and modern technology has brought moments from the earliest days of our partnership alive. Here’s the story: About three years ago, Herb McCormick was commissioned to write a biography about Larry and I. It was made clear that this … Continue reading »

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September 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: One of the first articles I wrote was called; People, the Bonus of Cruising. It told about the warm hearted people we kept meeting as we cruised, how we broke the ice and what they added to our lives. Over the past few months we’ve had reason to reflect on this. To escape … Continue reading »

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August 2013 newsletter

Dear Friends; How could you keep cruising for so long? That is a question we heard just slightly less than, “what about pirates?”  Variety, that was our answer, adding new adventures afloat or on land, moving into other people’s lives, getting to know their culture, sometimes moving ashore for a few months at a time … Continue reading »

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May 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: I love books, I love being on the water. Kawau Island, our home base, has no roads, no shops nor library and lots of avid readers.  Once a month people from all parts of the island journey by boat to a different home and bring along books they want to share. Since each … Continue reading »

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April 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends It’s been a long hot summer. With the on-going drought and unseasonable warm weather it feels like little is changing. But everything else tells me autumn is here. It’s not just the bright red leaves of the trees on the mainland or the ever shorter days, it’s all the north-bound traffic that makes … Continue reading »

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March 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” It seemed a strange headline for a daily newspaper in the far southern reaches of the Tasman sea. From what we heard before we came Hobart as guests of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (,  we knew this was going to be a pretty big event for … Continue reading »

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January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: Coincidence and sailing seem to go hand-in-hand. In our August newsletter I wrote about the Los Angeles Chapter of the Adventurers Club, the amazing exhibits, reminders of the sometimes wondrous, sometimes crazy adventures made by relatively unknown Southern Californian’s. One in particular captured my imagination, the 16 foot long canvas kayak/sailboat built in 1933 … Continue reading »

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